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Before you access and use the site, please read our Terms and Conditions. By accessing and using this Site, you agree to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions below, without any further act or consent.
Access to and use of Apps euroflex-solas.com are also regulated by these Terms and Conditions as applicable and with the necessary adaptations.
Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by decision of euroflex-solas.com, considering the changes to take effect from the date of placement on the site. Access to and subsequent use of the site or user-Apps will be considered as a clear sign that he has read, understood and accepted the changed Terms and Conditions.

The euroflex-solas.com is strongly committed to respecting the privacy of its users. Therefore, developed the following Privacy Policy to inform you properly how the site works and how your personal information is handled.
Any change to our Privacy Policy, subsequent to its active transfer of personal data, and that put into question the purpose for which it ceded, will be familiar to have it available in a contact form.

When you visit our site and supports some of the features available, we need to collect some of their personal data in order to send the information or clarification requested it and consider it in recruitment if that interest is actively manifested for you.
We do not collect personal information that can identify you or relating to your personal information without your consent. We can thus collect and store information that voluntarily decided to provide us, including but not limited to, individualized personal information such as your name, address, email address and phone number.
If you need to provide us with personal information to access any type of functionality will be expressly informed of how this information is used.
Under the law, the holders of personal data have the right to access, without constraint, confirming, rectifying, erasing or blocking the data that have provided and may exercise it in person or by writing to the address of this institution properly identified on the site at any time and without charge under provisions of Law No 67/98 of 26 October.
Children under 18 must obtain permission from parents or guardians before making available personal data to the site euroflex-solas.com.

After collecting individualized personal information voluntarily given us the euroflex-solas.com conduct its care and maintenance instructions to their otherwise or until the law requires disposal. The conservation of this information allows the euroflex-solas.com to provide you with personalized services without interruption.
Any user can freely choose to provide or not any individualized personal information.
Accordingly, if you wish not to receive communications from the euroflex-solas.com, even after we have provided your data, please contact us by e-mail to info@euroflex-solas.com.

The euroflex-solas.com committed to ensuring the privacy of visitors to your site on the Internet.
The euroflex-solas.com not sell, rent, or otherwise makes available to third parties any personal data sent by users of our website.

We use cookies on our website to improve performance and your user experience. This document explains how we do it.

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer or on your mobile device via a web browser (browser), retaining only information related to your preferences, including not, as such, your personal data. The placement of cookies will help the website to recognize your device the next time the user visits him.
We use the term cookies in this policy to refer all files that collect information in this way.
The cookies used do not collect information that identifies the user. Cookies collect general information, including how users arrive and use the websites or of the country / countries through which they access the website, etc.
Cookies only retain information relating to your preferences. At any time the user can, through their web browser (browser) decide to be notified of the receipt of cookies and block its entry on your system.
The use of cookies refusal on the website, may result in the inability to have access to some of their fields or to receive personalized information.

Cookies are used to help determine the usefulness, interest and the number of uses of their websites, allowing for faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

All data, trademarks and content in general this site are the property or exclusive use of euroflex-solas.com and its subsidiary companies, and are protected under the general law and by national and international protection legislation Intellectual Property. Reproduction for personal use is permitted, but are prohibited unauthorized modifications, imitations, loans, leases, transfers or sale of any content of this website.
Pages of content this site are protected by Copyright and Related Rights and Industrial Property Rights.

All rights not expressly granted by euroflex-solas.com are reserved. Thus, all text, images, illustrations, photographs, advertising, brands and other elements of the website content, are protected by law, is expressly prohibited any copying, reproduction, distribution or transmission, use, modification, sale, publication, distribution or any other use, in whole or in part, whatever the means used.
Exceptions to this ban are the uses authorized by law, including the right to quote, provided that clearly identified its origin.
It grants permission to use documents (such as press releases, announcements and annual reports and accounts) from this site provided that the copyright notice appears in all copies. The use of these documents should serve solely for information purposes and not commercial or personal, not being copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, and not carried out any modifications to the documents. Violators will be prosecuted.
Although personal data provided to us are under set in our privacy policy, we understand that all the information that is communicated to us through the internet (including suggestions, materials or ideas) will be our property and exclusive use, although restricted. Such information will not have to be treated by us as confidential.
Parts of the website may contain images that are copyright to target their suppliers (such as the image bank of pictures).
Any software that is available to be downloaded from the website Jerónimo Martins, has the copyright of the operator that provides it. The terms of use of this software are set by the operator that makes it available, so we recommend its reading.

For your easy accessibility, euroflex-solas.com may include links to other websites. By linking to these sites, you must review and accept the rules of that site before using it. We can not guarantee their quality, and assume no responsibility for the content or other features of these sites.
The Website euroflex-solas.com, is not responsible for either the content or the subject of any other website, including any site that has given access to their portal or to which access has been achieved through their portal.

Neither euroflex-solas.com nor any other party involved in creating, producing, maintenance and implementation of the website shall be liable for any loss or damage liability Headquarters (including, without limitation, consequential damages, lost profits and moral damages caused directly or indirectly), arising in consequence of the use or misuse of the site and its contents by the user, access to the computer and the user's computer system by third parties, viruses, etc.
Despite engage in the security of your website and put in place the technical protection measures, physical and logical, appropriate to ensure the protection of the same, the euroflex-solas.com not warrant or represent that the files available for downloading are free of viruses, worms, Trojans, scripts or other code or program containing destructive or harmful properties.
The information on the site should be viewed in its informative aspect. Despite euroflex-solas.com's efforts to keep up to date and reliable content, they may contain inaccuracies, typographical errors or be out of date, and can be changed at any time without this euroflex-solas.com has the notification obligation Preview. Not therefore recommended its use in decision making.

It is expressly forbidden to use the site for illegal purposes or any other purposes that may be considered unworthy of the image euroflex-solas.com or its subsidiaries in the market.
The theft, forgery, use of counterfeit or usurped content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are punishable by law.
It also prohibited the user to create or enter this site any viruses, worms, Trojans, scripts or other code or program containing destructive or damaging properties, or advise others to do so.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Portuguese law. It is the competent Felgueiras Court to the exclusion of any other to settle any disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions for using the website euroflex-solas.com